This is NOT your Mother's cookbook! --- Think ,"Harry Potter meets Paula Deene" with magically delicious results!!
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Hello and welcome to Epicuria. This is where adventure meets good eats. Intrigue leads to culinary delights and hints of romance denied are fulfilled by platters of gastronomic enchantment. The plot twists and turns, simplicity of challenge is prelude to complex solutions that only a kitchen can provide. Our hero, the "Traveler," is tasked, tricked, tormented and finally at the end of the story he.... Come on now, you really didn't think you were going to get the last page here? To get your very own, author autographed copy of Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! Check out How to Buy Epicuria. This book is also available at  

How to buy epicuria

To purchase your personal autographed copy of Epicuria, click on the "Buy Now" button and you will be redirected to a secure site. Follow the instructions there and in just a few minutes, your order will be on it's way and processing will begin. Epicuria will be mailed to you USPS Media Mail. (Usually 7 10 days in the Continental U.S.) Epicuria is only $14.95 U.S. I know it sounds too low to me also. I wanted to charge a $100 but my wife won't let me.  

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About the Author

  Court Nederveld was born a small child one dark and stormy night. There, got that bit of dribble out of my system. Epicuria is the culmination of an experiment in crossing the mundane with an unleashed imagination. I rarely know where my writing will find a topic. Former retired editor of the Punta Gorda Herald and now a freelance writer Gordon Bower may have pegged it spot on. "Mustangs, computer, food or a letter to the Queen of the Netherlands, the subject made no difference. As editor of his Bits & Bytes column and a variety of other musings for eight years, I can truthfully say he never failed to make me laugh."  Currently living in Southwest Florida, I enjoy waking up each morning with no forwarning of what ideas may find their way onto my path.  Enjoy!

Ever since reading Cross Creek Cookery by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, I have savored the mixture of recipe and story, and now I have feasted on a tasty second course:  Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! by Court Nederveld. Whereas Rawlings uses an anecdotal format, Nederveld has concocted a delicious adventure in which his family's recipes serve as the magic ingredients to deliver him from Epicuria, a realm in the neighborhood of Alice's Wonderland.  As a hero of unlikely kitchens, he tosses salads, bakes chicken, and whips up desserts to rescue unfortunates and beat villains. His quest is no half-baked fantasy, but rather a scrumptious metaphor for life. What else would I expect from a writer who bicycles 25 miles to eat Sunday breakfast at a cafe, established in 1929, in the historic town near my home--but that's an appetizer for another book!

--Carol Mahler, author of Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles and Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed 

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Court Nederveld, a computer guru (but not a geek as he drives a Mustang) is a champion of writers dealing with all aspects of our new, technological world. A former student, member then  Director of the Peace River Center for Writing, his new book is what we having been looking for.

John Pelot
Vice President, Peace River Center for Writers@Edison State College
Professor, English
Edison State College

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